Salmon’s mission statement ~ To inspire and motive people to dance happily away from their comfort zone because everyone deserve a fulfilling life.


Salmon has close to 20 years of experience working with multinational companies in Learning & Development.  He is a professional trainer in management & leadership skills, coaching, positive thinking, communication skills, needs-based selling, personal breakthrough and team building etc..


As a training consultant, Salmon is keen at defining customers’ learning & development needs.  He designs a practical and impactful program to attain the desired outcome. His training style is very interactive, energetic and facilitate every participants to contribute their expertise in classes.


Salmon is a Certified Points Of You® (POY) Trainer. He is also the first Points Of You® Master Trainer in Hong Kong. He uses this creative tool to ignite individual, professional and organizational to grow and develop further.  He engages and inspires people to look at things from different perspectives.  He inspires them to expand their horizon, challenges their old pattern / long held ideas & beliefs and opens their inner hearts with new ideas.


Salmon also award the “Associate Certified Coach” Credential from International Coach Federation.  He is a Certified Transformative Coach, Licensed Coaching Clinic® Facilitator and a Life Coach. Through coaching, he helps individuals to outreach their personal growth, accomplishes specific goals and deepens their individual discovery.


Salmon holds a Master of Business Administration degree major in Marketing from The University of Leicester, UK. He is also a Certified NLP Trainer, Global Career Development Facilitator & Trainer (GCDF), MBTI Administrator, qualified trainer for Adventure Training, Certified Behavioral Consultant – DISC, Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer.


He believes continuous learning enrich your mind and life with knowledge.  It gives you wisdom to craft a unique path for your life.

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